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A 17 year old boy, who goes by the name of Noir, has his life set up in a small shop, with his two shop assistants, he manages the store. His life was ordinary and mediocre, until the fateful day when a mysterious ancestor appears in his mirror,asking for his physical body to finish her research. Agreeing to her mysterious plea,his life changes from monotone, to life-changing,adventurous and filled with adrenaline. What awaits the young, experienced boy and the mysterious ancestor, who's intentions are unclear? (NOTE: This comic will have straight and gay relationships! )


February 15th, 2014, 1:42 pm


Update Notice

Due to the mass amount of detail that Dollie has to do for the pages she does, and that THING called college, we shall try to update every other week to compensate!

thanks for the understanding!


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